Alex's Top Early Season Flies

fly photo.jpg

Below is a list of my favourite early season flies that I like in my fly box at this time of year.

1. Humongous - A great searching fly for deeper water. Best fished from a sinking line as an individual fly or in a team of flies, this fly excels in dirtier water.

2. Mk 11 Wooly Bugger - One of my all time favourite flies. Tied to represent a frog this fly is great for searching the edges of shallow bays. Being tied with only small amount of lead this fly can be fished with a sharp erratic action to entice a fish on the prowl or with a long slow retrieve in front of a dormant fish without fear of it sinking to fast and snagging.

3. Riseley Hot Head Leech - A new pattern this year, this has already been proving itself on the local sea runner population in the Derwent River.

4. Riseley Mud Pie - A great fur fly pattern for casting at tailing trout, this ultra slow sinking fly also has great movement when used as a searching fly.

5. Yellow Rabbit - A famous Brett Wolff pattern tied for early season fishing at Arthur’s lake, mimicking a galaxia this fly is best utilised blind casting around the edges.

6. Seal Fur Zulu Tag - My go to dry fly early season., great for teasing fish of the bottom when there is not much insect life around.

7. Pregnant Scud - A great fly for tailing trout that is best used casting a few feet in front of fish seen foraging in the weed on the edges of lakes.

8. Wooly Worm - Perfect for sight fishing to trout. This fly is ultra slow sinking, almost suspending under the water, this fly Hangs in the strike zone for a long time and is a great way to entice a bite out of a fussy fish.

9. Fly Line Stick Caddis - A must have in every fly box and a staple diet of many of our highland trout, careful presented on the nose of a trout as a single fly or often suspended underneath a dry fly (Zulu Tag) this fly is rarely refused.

These Flies pictured are all Locally Hand tied by The Lost Fly or Risely Trout flies and Retail for $4.00 ea and are available instore.

Cheers, Alex