Fishing Report 04/10/2019

Local angler Shauna with a good sized Calamari ……

Local angler Shauna with a good sized Calamari ……


Australian Salmon
continue to build in numbers and are being caught throughout the Derwent, Sth Arm, Huon and wider Storm Bay areas. Cremorne sand spit at the mouth of Pipe Clay Lagoon is probably the best of the land based options at the moment.

are also increasing in numbers in most of the usual spots. Settled weather and an urge to spawn allowing anglers to target fish in some of the more shallow areas. Tasman Peninsula jetties and those down throughout the channel …. South Port Jetty fishing and Adventure Bay providing good angling. Blackmans Bay off the rocks is also another favourite.

Sand Flathead
are now going well in most areas as well… a sure sign things are warming up a little and allowing fish to become more active in relation to feeding.

Some more reports this week of “King” or Tiger Flathead filtering in reportedly caught wide of Maria on Wednesday.

have been unusually quiet for the last 3 weeks and we are unsure if this is a sign of the fish having disappeared for the moment or anglers not being able to chase them during the rougher weather of late. With settled weather around the corner we should see some boats with gear out going for a troll.

up to 1.3kg have been encountered by anglers spinning for bream and seatrout and those out chasing Australian salmon. Tranmere seems to be a consistent holding area for these fish… these fish aren’t fussy and have hit everything form small 65mm bibs intended for trout to 40grm Halco silver Sliced lures piffed for salmon .

are going well. The River Derwent steals the limelight a lot of the time but in recent weeks good reports form the Huon estuary have come to hand. East coast estuaries are fishing just as well for the spring run.

captures have been steadily increasing over the past 14 days with nearly all areas of the Derwent and Huon estuaries producing the odd fish to persistent anglers. The upper reaches of the Derwent, above Granton do still seem to be more reliable however. This week has seen fish to 2.4kg caught.


Great Lake
is still producing good fish for this time of the year. Incredibly for the last month or so fish condition has been excellent historically trout in this water usually only coming good around the end of October. Both browns and rainbows have fallen to bait, lure and fly.

Woods Lake
although low is still producing fish – mainly to those trolling. The fly has worked well around the edges. We heard earlier in the week from one of our customers of trout showing interest in the dry fly

Penstock Lagoon
is on fire …. What can we say this has to be the states most popular waters at the moment…. It’s very unusual to hear of a bad report about this water. Well worth a visit to this fly only water … stripping wets the best option for the next couple of weeks.

Daiwa Presso - Ghost Perch ….. deadly on the sea run trout in southern estuaries ….

Daiwa Presso - Ghost Perch ….. deadly on the sea run trout in southern estuaries ….