Fishing Report 06/09/2019


Southern Bluefin
Have been unusually quite at Eagle Hawk Neck - colder water and a lack of inshore bait causing this lull. Plenty of school fish at Pedra and up the coast further at Bicheno, Schouten and Freycinet Peninsula.

Sand flathead
Biting well in the SE, no large captures have been reported but fish have been eager to hit a bait or soft plastic. Calm days last weekend saw drift fisherman being able to hold over offshore beds.

Now firing in traditional areas in the E and SE. The north coast fished well last week around the mouth of the Tamar. Squid have moved inshore over broken bottom.

Are still available in the south with a good capture occurring last week. Remember a float, 2-3 size 6 or 8 hooks and small pieces of squid as bait. Drop in some burley consisting of fish oil and bread crumbs to bring schools closer.

Russel caught a great bag of Gars last week ……

Russel caught a great bag of Gars last week ……

Australian Salmon
Have been biting well at Cremorne and along the South Arm beaches including South Arm itself and Opossum Bay. Size is not overly big but fish up to 1kg have been landed.

Sand Whiting
Have been caught in the Derwent off Little Howrah and further downriver at Opossum Bay.

Have arrived for the season, these fish usually arrive around the start of the annual white bait runs … fish last season reached upwards of 2kg.

Running well in the majority of our river systems. The smaller waters such as Jordan and Browns river holding large numbers.

Striped Trumpeter
Did fish well over the last weekend. South of Bruny Island seemed to do better than further north around the Tasman Peninsula. Please remember fishing for Striped trumpeter is now closed (1st Sept to 31 October).

Are now taking lure and fly readily in the Derwent and Huon estuaries. Murky waters have abated and trout have made the most of being able to chase whitebait. Get out quick though as the weather deteriorates in the next 48 hrs with up to 50mm of rain forecast for the E and SE coasts.

Good captures at night using bait were reported from New Norfolk last Fri night.


Continues to produce good browns in and around the edges.

Woods Lake
Sees fish moving around the edges. Sight fishing has been a little slow but blind fishing woolley bugger styled wets has seen many fish caught. Fish up to 2kg and a lot of .5 to .75 kg have been the norm.

Great Lake
Has been a quietly kept secret by many, with good browns and the occasional rainbow being caught by anglers spinning and fly fishing the shore. This is largely due to the weather in the highlands not being conducive to boating. Anglers as a result finding success around the edges.

Bronte Lagoon
With medium water levels has seen trout tailing around the edges one customer reporting 5 fish for a mornings effort. A small 007 Nymph fished just forward of foraging fish for best results.